Diana W.

The Radiant Rose Sugar Scrub is an absolute body and skincare essential!  I massage the sugary oil into my skin as directed and it definitely leaves my skin smooth and polished.  The rose scent is heavenly.  Pure Principles cautions that the oil in the scrub may leave the shower and bathtub slippery.  However, I have not found this to be a problem at all. 

The Clarifying Facial Oil gives off a very pleasant and relaxing scent.  Don’t let the word “oil” in this product scare you away.  I have very blemish-prone skin and have not experienced one break-out using the Clarifying Facial Oil.  This product is packaged in Pure Principles’ signature deep blue glass bottle and is the perfect size at the perfect price point!


Linda M

I have been using the Cleansing Facial Oil for a few weeks now. It is an amazing makeup remover and my face feels incredibly soft afterwards.  I'm 66 & feel it also helps with moisture loss.  Already gave a bottle to a friend.


Beth S.

I love Pure Principle products. I love that they contain no parabens. They apply easily and make the skin on my face look fantastic. I'm addicted to the naturally scented soaps and body scrubs as well!


Roberta P.

I purchased a bar of the Ayuvedic Rose Olive Oil Soap and I want you to know that I just love it! The scent is awesome while leaving my skin soft and fresh. I have very dry skin and have never found, up until now, a soap that cleans yet moisturizes so well. Thanks!

Kathleen W.

The Clarifying Facial Oil is currently topping my list as an exceptional “double duty” product.  It works great in helping to gently remove heavy makeup and grime. I put a few drops on my face, let it sit a few moments, then remove with a wash cloth. The result is a very clean, radiant complexion. It is also my go to moisturizer for our tough Midwestern winters.

I struggled with my skin all throughout my teen years and into my twenties. By the time I found Pure Principles, my face was mostly under control thanks to a routine that included harsh drugstore exfoliators. Discovering the Clarifying Facial Mask helped me kick that habit. The mixture was made with my oily skin in mind and there were no questions about what went in it. The first time I used it, I mixed the powder in with some organic honey. My skin had never felt fresher after washing off the mask. Pure Principles has become my go-to for a relaxing Sunday night. By Monday morning, my skin is glowing (at least to my eyes). Not a bad way to start off the week.

Zack W.


Judy D.

I have been using the Rejuvenating Facial Oil for several months and have been so pleased with the results. First, my skin is soft and radiant and my wrinkles are greatly diminished. (I am 72 years old.) It is great as the weather gets colder here in Chicago, but also I used it when I was in Puerto Vallarta. The results in this tropical climate were awesome. The sun and sea spray tend to dry out my skin. This product was wonderful and I loved the way it made my skin feel. It is great to use before bed and also in the morning. I love that it is pure and all natural.